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Visas for China | China Visas | Visas China | Business Visas to China | Tourist Visas to ChinaGet your China visas, tourist visas to China, business visas to China processed remotely.  Universal Passports & Visas expedites the processing of visas for all countries in the world. Providing services for all visa types including tourist, and foreign national travel visa needs.

Visa Requirements for Tourists & China Work Visas/ Business Travelers to China.
 Please send the following:
A valid passport.
1 China Visa Application. Download application form here. (Fill out on your computer and then print). Important! Please note: All fields on the China Visa Application must be filled in. Enter “N/A” for any fields that are not applicable or the consulate will reject the application.
A copy of your driver’s license is needed.
1 passport photo, color and 2″ x 2″.
For tourist applicants, a copy of flight itinerary and a copy of hotel confirmation.
For business applicants, a Letter of Invitation. (The letter should include the information detailed in this sample China Invite).
All applicants that are employed must submit, a personal letter to the consulate stating both job and company descriptions along with international travel for the past 36 months.(China-Letter.pdf).
For applicants that have had a China Visa issued in the past 2 years,
a photocopy of previous visas and a copy of all Chinese entry and exit stamps from trips taken in the past 2 years must be submitted.
Completed Universal Passports & Visas Order Form.
Processing fees per person: (U.S. citizen pricing.  For foreign national pricing, please contact us.)
Consulate Fees:
$140 5 -6 day processing
Our Fees:
$75 5-6 day processing


Shipping / FedEx Return Fees:
Monday–Friday:Business $25 / Residential $30

Saturday: $40

Please Note:
Important: The China Visa Application must be filled out on your computer and then printed. They should not be completed by hand. All fields in the form must be filled in, with “N/A” entered in any fields that are not applicable, or the consulate will reject the application.
Please note: you must include your job title on question 1.17 on the China Visa Application where it asks for company name. Please list in the form of company name/job title.
Non-U.S. passport holders must send their original green card or a photocopy (front and back) that has been notarized. A valid U.S. visa with a valid I-94 card is also acceptable.
Fees and processing times for non-U.S. passport holders may vary from the published fees above.
Please include a Universal Passports & Visas order form to ensure proper handling of your visa request.
Consular fees subject to change without notice.
The consulate may contact you for an in-person visit.
   Minor applicants must provide a photocopy of their birth certificate in addition to a photocopy of both parents drivers license.
Quoted processing times are in business days.
Below are the forms for obtaining a visa to the country you selected.
If you have any questions, please contact us or call us at  1-800-831-2098

Please send all documents to the appropriate office using FedEx overnight:

Universal Passports & Visas
7515 Greenville Ave,

Suite 1010

Dallas, TX 75231
Universal Passports & Visas
4621 Montrose Blvd.

Suite B230

Houston, TX 77006
1-800-831-2098 (713) 739-0010

For 24-Hour RUSH SERVICE, package MUST be FedEx’ed using “FedEx First” to our Houston office:

Universal Passports & Visas
4621 Montrose Blvd. Suite B230
Houston, TX 77006
Phone: (713) 739-0010

Be sure to save your FedEx Tracking ID!
(Sorry, but we can’t accept faxed or emailed documents due to government restrictions.)
China Visa Application
Universal Passports & Visas Order Form.
Please Note: You may need Adobe Reader to open our fillable order forms.  The latest version of Adobe Reader is available for free by clicking here.